Charge better with 3 extra-long Lightning cables [Deals]


CoM - 10' Lightning-to-USB Cable- 3-Pack
With this three-pack of extra-long Lightning cables, you're covered for inevitable fray and breakage, all for around the price of a single standard cable.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

For all their solid design, our iOS devices depend on a short, fragile cable to stay charged and synced. Every Lightning cable seems to inevitably fray and break to the point where it stops working or becomes a safety hazard.

This makes having a backup a must. With this three-pack of extra-lengthy, MFI-certified Lightning cables, you get extra utility and extra lives, all for about the cost of a single standard cable from Apple. Grab three for just $20 at Cult of Mac Deals.

You can keep a spare Lightning cable everywhere you need one and spread out the wear and tear, or just stash a couple backups in your drawer for the day when the cable you’re using finally gives up the ghost.

At 10 feet long, they’ll reach well beyond what you’re used to — a real game-changer for indoor use. Being MFi-certified, these cables are guaranteed to work reliably and safely with any Apple device. You’ll suffer through none of those buzzing, fickle connection issues. You’ll need backup cables no matter how much use you give them, and extra length can help anybody, so don’t wait to jump on this deal.

Buy now: Get 3 extra long MFi-certified Lightning cables for $20 — that’s a whopping 77 percent off the usual price.