This portable SNES is like a retro Nintendo Switch


Why didn't Nintendo make this 20 years ago?
Why didn't Nintendo make this 20 years ago?
Photo: Huxarufaxara/Twitter

Nintendo’s new Switch console is turning the gaming world on its head today with its ultra-portable features that let you do some serious gaming no matter where you go.

Lines for the Switch nearly reached iPhone launch size levels, but if you didn’t manage to get your hands on one, here’s the next best thing: a homemade portable Super NES console.

Take a look:

A Nintendo fan in Japan took an old SNES console and added a full color screen to it. Then to make it the ultimate retro gaming machine, a system controller was embedded in the body. The left and right trigger buttons had to be relocated to the side of the system, but it still looks like it’s pretty comfortable to use.

Unlike some other other retro DIY consoles, this SNES actually plays the original cartridge games instead of emulated ROMs. No word on how long the battery last but hopefully its enough to get your through a few rounds of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.

Via: Gizmodo