“Portal 2” Gets Official Trailer, Coming To Mac in 2011



E3, the year’s biggest video gaming conference, hasn’t revealed too much about Valve’s upcoming Mac-friendly puzzle shooter, Portal 2, except the pre-emptive announcement that it’s been delayed until 2011. On the bright side, though, we have gotten this great new trailer.

Set hundreds of years after the first game, Portal 2 again puts the player in the shoes of the hot hispanic cyborg Chell as she solves numerous physics based puzzles to defeat the schizophrenic, cake-obsessed GlaDOS.

The new trailer makes clear that some of the “jungle” locations seen in earlier preview images are in fact parts of the Aperture Science labs that have been reclaimed by nature over the past few centuries. As usual, Valve is doing a smart job reconciling their timelines: while the first game took place roughly at the same time as the original Half-Life, Portal 2 takes place several hundred years after the end of Half-Life 2. The games share a universe, but they don’t chronologically have to wrestle with each other.

Not enough for you? IGN has just posted ten minutes of Portal 2 gameplay footage! You can find it after the jump.