MoGO app for iPhone helps save Gulf wildlife



As the tragic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continues, many of us wish there was some way we could help.  iPhone users along the Gulf coast now have an opportunity.  Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have created MoGO, a free iPhone app to report injured animals in spill affected areas, take geo-tagged photos and send them directly to groups providing assistance.

Say the app’s developers:

The free Mobile Gulf Observatory (MoGO) app turns you and your iPhone™ into a ‘Citizen Scientist’ helping us track the environmental impact of the BP oilspill, and enable wildlife experts to find and rescue stranded birds, sea turtles and dolphins. The MoGO app allows you to take and submit photos of oiled wildlife, tar balls on beaches, oil slicks on water, and oiled coastal habitats. With your photo, the location of oiled wildlife and coastal habitats are pin-pointed using GPS co-ordinates generated by your iPhone™. Instantly, your photos are sent to the wildlife hotline helping trained responders rescue oiled animals, and to mobilize efforts to protect and restore vital habitats for fish and wildlife.

More info available at the Mobile Gulf Observatory website.
The app can be downloaded from the iTunes Store.

Thanks to WBUR Public Radio in Boston for the tip.