How to find the right VPN for you


The Best VPN
How do you choose the best VPN from the dizzying array of options?
Image: The Best VPN
  • Nick

    It is very important to choose right and trustful vpn provider, because you are basically putting your online privacy in their hands. That’s why I can recommend Traceless VPN, as they are not keeping any logs and offering strongest online protection.

  • Kylie Lopez

    i have used many VPN this year and now permanently stick with PureVPN.
    PureVPN is the best option for you if your concern is security and privacy without losing internet speed. I have tested it through many tools to confirm, got a satisfying results.
    * No DNS Leak Issue
    * Fast Speed
    * Full WiFi Security (Public Networks)
    * DDoS Protection
    * 5 Multi Logins
    * Compatible with 20+ Devices
    Simply! all the best features in one shelter.
    I read many bad review;s about their service but in reality I found this VPN very reliable, and their support people are awesome helped me in setting up all the things quickly.

  • Doug W

    “If you surf the web in public” needs to be changed to “If you surf the web using public wifi” as I am pretty sure my Verizon LTE data is safe from snooping eyes if I am at Starbucks.

    Also, an awful lot of WiFi routers out there have built in VPN solutions which work with OpenVPN.