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How to find the right VPN for you


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How do you choose the best VPN from the dizzying array of options?
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If you surf the web in public — at a coffee shop, airport or hotel — you absolutely must use virtual private network software. But with so many versions and variations, from so many different VPN providers, the eyes glaze over at the very mention of this security essential.

Whether for a MacBook or an iOS device, the fact is that a VPN can benefit anyone who goes online. You just need a guide to help you decide what VPN is best for you. And figuring out which VPN to choose starts with understanding what you don’t want.

A VPN will secure you from snoops

Apple devices have long been considered less vulnerable to viruses and malware than their PC counterparts. That’s great, but a string of destructive code isn’t the greatest threat to your digital devices.

Whether it’s a government agency or run-of-the-mill data thieves, plenty of people are interested in gaining access to the data on computers and phones. iPhones in particular have been at issue, with Apple refusing to offer a skeleton key to allow governments backdoor access to locked devices, even in the case of crimes.

However, even iOS is crackable. And any time you connect to the internet, your data and activity potentially could be swept up.

This is where a VPN becomes useful. By encrypting your web traffic and routing it through a distributed network of server nodes, a VPN can keep your online activity and identity completely hidden from outside observers. Even on supposedly secure iPhones and MacBooks, this is a powerful tool that’s part of any well-rounded data security arrangement.

The Best VPN helps you make an informed choice

So we’ve got a sense for the value of using a VPN. But where to begin? The number of VPN providers to choose from can seem endless.

Luckily, there’s a central source for VPN ratings: The Best VPN. This service compares and reviews a variety of VPN providers for Apple devices, making it an extremely valuable resource for anyone looking to make an informed choice about which VPN to use.

Get unbiased VPN reviews for Mac and iOS

It offers full descriptions of the pros and cons of each VPN provider, for Mac and iOS devices (as well as Windows and Android).

The Best VPN rates VPNs according to features like usability, customer service and countries in which the services work. It also compares costs for the various VPNs, and ranks all of them on a scale of one to 10.

If you’d like to rest easier about your online security, you should definitely look into getting a VPN service. And the first place you should look is The Best VPN, a reliable source of unbiased VPN reviews.