Report: Foxconn Relocating Non-iPhone Workers


Will some song and dance put smiles on Foxconn Workers?
Will some song and dance put smiles on Foxconn Workers?

Apple contractor Foxconn Technology Group will move all workers except those building iPhones away from the highly-publicized Shenzhen factory, according to China Daily.

“We’ve got a notice today,” a source told the newspaper Wednesday morning. Researchers supporting Hewlett-Packard servers will move to northern China, while other workers are sent to Tianjin, Yantai and Wuhan. The exodus will be made in two months, the report said.

Although the connection with Apple has made Shenzhen a hub of economic activity, it has also brought an unwanted spotlight from Western media. A rash of worker suicides followed by a series of attempted responses have created controversy for the Taiwan-based Foxconn.

This month started with a report Apple was considering giving two percent of profits made through iPhones built at Foxconn to the workers. Last week, Foxconn announced a 66 percent performance-based raise for workers, increasing the monthly salary from $132 to $292. Then came talk Foxconn would replace the workers with automated facilities in Vietnam or Taiwan. Finally, a rumor was floated (then quickly shot down) that Foxconn would fire all of its 800,000 workers in China.

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