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In something of a rare showing for the usually top-performing company, Apple takes “only” fifth place in the 2017 Harris Pool’s Reputation Quotient Ratings.

The list, which considers the “100 most visible companies,” is based on 20 different attributes — such as a company’s emotional appeal, social responsibility, financial performance, products and services, and more.

Despite only just eking into the top five, however, Apple scores an “excellent” 82.07 mark, which puts it just behind Johnson & Johnson, Publix Super Markets, Wegmans and leader Amazon, which scores a marginally better 86.27.

Apple has a pretty darn good reputation.
Photo: The Harris Poll

Last year, Apple scored 83.03, which placed it behind only Amazon’s 83.96 score for a second place win. There’s not a detailed breakdown of what caused Apple to lose points in the past year, although the fact that this ranking is based on votes from 23,000 U.S. respondents, rather than a fixed panel of experts, means that there may not be a clear reason.

Regardless of the slight fall, Apple outperformed other tech companies including Google, Netflix, Microsoft, IBM, Yahoo, eBay, Dell, Facebook and Hewlett Packard.

The biggest fall from grace in the last year is Samsung, which plummeted from seventh to 49th place when comparing 2016’s report to 2017’s. Other the past twelve months, Samsung has suffered a number of big hits — including the exploding Note 7 debacle and the recent arrest of its de-facto boss on charges of corruption and bribery.

In a separate recent ranking, Apple topped Fortune’s annual list of the world’s admired companies, marking its 10th year at the top of the list. As with the Reputation Quotient Ratings, Samsung suffered a big drop from previous years — falling off the top 50 list completely.

Source: The Harris Poll

Via: Apple Insider