Apple’s Sydney store cleared due to possible bomb threat


The George Street Apple store was evacuated.
Photo: Jon Bragg/Flickr CC

Apple’s flagship retail store in Sydney, Australia, was temporarily evacuated earlier today as part of a “police operation.”

A sniffer dog was spotted entering the building, while the three-story venue was cleared of customers by police, who also diverted local traffic. According to one customer who was evacuated, store employees were talking about a bomb threat. She noted that police were “very firm in telling people to leave immediately.”

The incident took place at lunchtime on Friday, local time. Fortunately, it seems that whatever problems were being investigated were quickly rectified, as customers were allowed to enter the store again an hour after it was cleared.

Not the first time

This isn’t the first time an Apple store has been evacuated as a precautionary measure. Late last year, the flagship Apple store in Birmingham, England, was temporarily evacuated after a package that employees feared might contain an explosive got delivered.

It’s not just Apple stores that suffer, either. In 2016, Apple evacuated 4,000 staffers at several of its offices in Cork, Ireland, after receiving an online bomb threat.

Fortunately, in all these cases the threats have been investigated by police and found not to be serious.

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Source: Business Insider and