‘The Onion’ Tackles Snow Leopard v. Windows 7



Though we’re still several months away from the launch of either Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Microsoft’s Windows 7, America’s Finest News Source The Onion has already decoded the coming OS war in a handy chart, which you can read after the jump.

I have to say, I’m really impressed that MS is getting close to getting the spontaneous combustion thing under control. Dare to dream!


  • Sam Wilson

    It appears to me that Windows 7 is a fix and renaming of a disappointing Vista, while Snow Leopard is more improvement on an already successful OS. And by the way, if you want Windows on a Mac there is the Parallels program. Does Micrrosoft have the ability to run Leopard on Windows?

  • Sam Wilson

    What does awaiting moderation mean?
    what comment could possibly be too much for Onion aficionados?

  • imajoebob

    Oh sure. Windows 7 has the “Ability to work in sub-freezing temperatures?” Ha! When Hell freezes over!

    Oh, wait…

  • levelnext

    What microsoft doesnt have is the “license” to run leopard under windows, not the “ability”

    And besides that, only a fanboy would have turned a comedy post into a “windows cant do this, windows cant do that”

    then again, anything that justifies your purchase!


  • Neil Anderson

    Even Windows 7 will still be 3 behind Mac OS X.