Putin embraces pregnant Trump on side of New York Apple store


Putin and Donald are a match made in heaven.
Putin and Donald are a match made in heaven.
Photo: Hater

Customers visiting one of Apple’s popular stores in New York City got treated to a horrific sight on Valentine’s Day: a giant image of a pregnant Donald Trump standing naked in the loving embrace of Vladimir Putin.

The disturbing image was projected on the side of Apple’s store in Chelsea on the corner of 15th Street and Ninth Avenue. Dating app Hater staged the stunt as a way to promote its launch — as well as draw some laughs.

Love trumps hate

“There’s a lot of tension out there, regardless of which side you’re on,” Hater CEO Brendan Alper told Business Insider. “We’re just trying to make people laugh. Through humor, hate can turn into love.”

At the bottom of the image was Hater’s upside-down heart logo, with the company’s “Love through hate” motto at the top.

It’s unclear if Apple gave Hater permission to project the image on the side of its building. Apple has had a rocky relationship with Trump ever since the outspoken leader called for a boycott of Apple products during his unorthodox presidential campaign.

After the election, Apple CEO Tim Cook took part in a tech summit with Trump and even got spotted eating dinner with Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner. But Cook also slammed Trump’s immigration ban, saying the move would be bad for Apple.

Hater: A dating app built on mutual hatreds

The Apple store wasn’t the only location where Hater displayed its eye-gouging Valentine’s Day image. It was also projected on a CVS near a subway stop and on the side of a building in Brooklyn.

Hater launched this week as an alternative to Tinder and the growing constellation of iOS dating apps. Instead of liking other individuals, Hater helps you connect with people who hate the same things you do. If you hate President Agent Orange, your dating options are looking pretty good: Nearly 80 percent of Hater’s 200,000 current users say they hate the Donald.

  • DrSkywalker

    I guess that Hate is only Hate if it applies to specific minorities, and not anyone else.

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  • Frank Fenn

    only a sick leftie can think of such a thing…

  • Kekinash

    Disgusting, no matter your political views.

  • Tomáš Kubín

    DIsgusting. Cult of Mac loves it, obviously.

  • JerryTK214

    Wow…another tech blog that can’t help itself when to comes to politics. One more CultofMac…One more and I delete your bookmark. There are a dozen sites with exactly the same news that don’t show their inappropriate political biases.

  • Please, no more political articles like this masquerading as tech reports.

    • PaulTT

      I second that!

  • Clint

    Goodbye, Cult of Mac. I come to your site for tech news not political commentary. I’m out.

    • PaulTT

      Me too!

  • PaulTT

    Guess Hater wanted to kill off their business before they launched then! They have the correct name, except many will hate them now as well!

  • Steve Chan

    A Succubus (from Witcher 3) is a half-goat half-human creature, probably created when goat shagged man or the other way around.