Get wireless charging early with this iPhone 7 case


ZENS is compatible with any Qi charging pad.
Photo: ZENS

Why wait for Apple to bring wireless charging to the iPhone when you can add it yourself?

ZENS is an iPhone 7 case that adds Qi charging capabilities, allowing it to be used with almost any wireless charging pad. It’s also slim and protective, and it comes bundled with a wireless charger for under $60.

Apple might think that existing wireless charging technologies aren’t great, but Android users who have gotten used to life without cables would disagree. Now you can find out for yourself with the the new iPhone 7 wireless charging case from ZENS.

Just like any decent case, it’s slim, stylish, and protective. It’s both MFi and Qi certified, which means it’s compatible with any Qi charging pad — the most popular wireless charging standard today used by the likes of Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, and many more.

ZENS also has a micro-USB port built-in, so if you need to top up with a cable while you’re on the go, you have that option.

The iPhone 7 wireless charging case costs €49.99 (approx. $53) and will be available at the end of February. You can order yours today from the ZENS online store.