Nostalgia fuels these wacky Apple Car concepts


iCar concept
The color iMac G3 is classic, but could it be a classic car?
Photo: NeoMam Studios

Part of you wishes you still had a blueberry iMac G3 sitting on your desk. But would you buy a car that looked just like it?

A marketing company, joining in on the excitement surrounding longtime rumors of an Apple car, came up with five concepts that are inspired by landmark Apple products.

These designs, a collaboration between British companies NeoMam Studios and ClickMechanic, are likely to make even the most enthusiastic Apple ask themselves this: How geeky is too geeky and am I really that geeky?

It is unlikely you will have to decide. Apple has been reportedly working on car projects since 2014 and given its philosophy about looking back – it tends not to – an Apple car probably would not look like any other Apple product. Besides, Apple has hinted it might be scaling back a bit on cars, indicating through recent government documents it’s focused more on developing the software for self-driving vehicles.

But Apple is famously secret and very capable of rolling out surprises.

“Everyone seems to believe the car will look like a spitting image of an iPhone or maybe something that resembles a mouse, NeoMam Studios’ Giselle Navarro told Cult of Mac. “So we asked ourselves, ‘What if they take inspiration from other products?’ That’s when we decide to round up some of Apple’s most iconic products.”

One illustration draws on the 184 Macintosh, complete with a disk drive below the headlights. Other designs riff on the iMac G3, Power Mac G5, the MacBook Air and the iPhone 7.

ClickMechanic is an online service in the United Kingdom with a network of mechanics and garages it says people can trust. Car owners can get instant quotes for services based on industry standards and lock in a price before booking a service.

NeoMam Studios is based in Manchester and helps clients with editorial branding, producing content that brings its roster of companies greater exposure online. We bit, knowing Apple fans have pretty strong opinions which it comes to favorite devices and the designs of ones in the pipeline.

I’m partial to the MacBook Air car, but it’s possible I’m tired of driving around in a five-year-old Hyundai. Which are your favorites?

The Macintosh

“The iCar Macintosh is based on the original Apple Macintosh 128k, released in 1984. We’ve incorporated the beige, plastic like feel of the computer as well as its big, square, and angular features to create a true retro automobile.”
Photo: NeoMam Studios

G3 flavors

iCar concept
“The iCar G3 comes in five flavors — blueberry, lime, tangerine, strawberry, and grape. The rounded edges and visible engine seen through the back brings back nostalgic memories of the iMac G3, released in 1998. Its small size makes it perfect for the city, and parking in those tight spaces.”
Photo: NeoMam Studios

Petal to the brushed-alumninum metal

iCar concept
“The iCar Power draws inspiration from when the PowerBook G4 was released. It lends the same anodised aluminium alloy and delivers a powerful, sturdy, and industrial looking vehicle. Ideal for transporting heavy loads.”
Photo: NeoMam Studios

Riding on Air

iCar concept
“The iCar Air is based on the extremely light and thin, MacBook Air. With its clean and seamless look, the car can reach incredible high speeds in a matter of seconds.”
Photo: NeoMam Studios

Where’s the headphone jack?

iCar concept
“The iCar 7 comes in a glossy, jet black shell. Powered by electricity, its battery will last hundreds of miles. The smooth finish, slightly rectangular shape, and rounded edges makes the car look every bit as powerful as it is.”
Photo: NeoMam Studios
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