Watch a robot perfectly fit an iPhone screen protector


Air bubbles? There's a bot for that!
Photo: ITMedia

Virtually everyone’s had the experience of trying to affix an adhesive screen protector to their new iPhone, only to screw up and put it on at a jaunty angle, or with unwanted air bubbles showing on the surface.

Fortunately, Kawasaki has created a dual-arm manufacturing robot, called “duAro,” that’s able to do the job better than we could ever hope to.

Check out the weirdly hypnotic video below to see the robot in action.

The robots were on display at this week’s Pepper World in Tokyo.

The duAro robot is a modern industrial robot, boasting fine-grain motion every bit as precise as (if not more than) a human. Each arm can carry out independent motion, and the robot can easily be reprogrammed to carry out a range of tasks — meaning that it’s not limited to slapping on iPhone screen protectors for all eternity.

In recent years, more and more of the iPhone manufacturing process has been carried out by robots. Last year, a report claimed that Apple supplier Foxconn had installed a massive 40,000 robots for handling manufacturing tasks at its factories in China. Future robot production by Foxconn is expected to hit around 10,000 units per year.

Source: ITMedia

Via: Kotaku