Great gear to make your next road trip a breeze [Deals]


Roadtrip Roundup Collage
Get ready for those roadtrips with these must have iPhone accessories
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The end of winter is coming into sight, and that means the beginning of road trip season is just around the corner. And right now at the Cult of Mac Store, you’ll find the gear and gadgets you need to for smooth sailing on your upcoming road trips.

We’ve got a plug-in charger that’s also a car locator, a fighter jet-style head-up display, a Kevlar-lined USB cable, and a flexible-yet-sturdy mount for your mobile phone. Read on for details on these deals.

CoM - Zus Smart Car Charger
Find your car where you left it and charge your phone twice as fast with this one device.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Zus smart car charger and locator – 40% off

On the one hand, this award-winning device offers an ultra-fast USB charger that’ll juice up your devices at twice the normal speed. On the other, it’s a bona fide homing beacon that will help you find your car when you forget where you parked (admit it, this happens). It does this by using an energy-sipping Bluetooth connection and a free smartphone app, so your car doesn’t need to be on for the locator to work.

Buy now: Get a Zus smart car charger and locator for $29.99 — that’s 40 percent off the normal price.

CoM - HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Navigation Display
Put essential information like directions and speed right in front of you with this fighter-jet-style HUD.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

HUDWAY Glass head-up navigation display – $49.95

Just because we don’t have flying cars yet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to feel like a fighter pilot when you drive. HUDWAY Glass can work with any head-up display app to provide useful driving information like directions and speed in a crystal-clear format that leaves your phone out of hand where it belongs. Perfect for poor visibility and clear conditions alike, this is a serious safety enhancement for any car — plus it just plain looks cool.

Buy now: Pick up a HUDWAY Glass head-up display for $49.95 at Cult of Mac Deals.

CoM - Zus Kevlar MFi Certified Lightning Cable
This military-grade Kevlar charging cable will stand up to whatever you throw at it.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Zus Kevlar MFi-certified Lightning cable – $19.99

If you’re tired of replacing snapped or frayed charging cables, it’s time for something tougher. Built with the same aramid fiber technology used in aerospace and military applications, the ZUS Cable can bend more than 15,000 times — that’s 50 percent more than the nearest competitor. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty. These cables are tangle-free thanks to nylon braiding, with an included velcro tie to keep things tidy, and a 90-degree plug for a slim fit in narrow spaces. If that’s not enough, the ZUS Cable is also MFi-certified, so it will reliably charge and transfer data between your devices, all for less than a standard Lightning cable from Apple.

Buy now: Get a Zus Kevlar MFi-certified Lightning cable for just $19.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

CoM - ExoMount Touch Air Vent Car Mount
Click in and drive off hands-free with this versatile car mount that clips straight to your air vent.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

ExoMount Touch Air Vent Mount – 31% off

Let’s be honest: Whether for taking calls, getting directions or playing music, we all use our phones when we drive. The ExoMount Touch Air Vent Mount makes sure your phone is always where you can see it, without having to take your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel. Clipping straight to your air vent, a 360-degree rotation and swivel means you can angle it just the way you need it — no muss, no fuss. A nonslip rubber grip means your phone will stay firmly in place.

Buy now: Get an ExoMount Touch Air Vent Mount for just $16.99 — a discount of 31 percent.