Protect your iPhone with an InvisibleShield and get $100 if it breaks


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Still dropping your iPhone? Get an InvisibleShield.
Photo: Warren R.M. Stuart/Flickr CC

Applying a screen protector to your iPhone might prevent it from getting scratched, but it won’t keep it from shattering. That’s why InvisibleShield protectors are now available with a coverage plan that pays you $100 towards your repair bill if your display gets broken.

ZAGG promises that its InvisibleShield protectors offer “the world’s most advanced impact and scratch protection.” To prove that isn’t just a bluff, the company is launching the Screen Guarantee Plan, and it’s a must-have for clumsy iPhone owners.

Pay a little extra for your screen protector and you’ll get a year of coverage bundled in with it. Should you break your display during that time, simply send ZAGG a photo of the damage, a receipt for the repair bill, and you’ll be reimbursed $100.

The Screen Guarantee Plan is in beta for now, so it’s only available with the Sapphire Defense screen protector for iPhone 6 and above. By itself, this protector is normally priced at $49.99. Get it with the Screen Guarantee Plan and a free IFROGZ Vue Clear Case and it’s $79.99.

To sign up for the beta and bag your Sapphire Defense protector, visit the Screen Guarantee Plan website.