iCrystal iPhone Speaker Blasts Sound Through Colorful Alien Pods



iPhone and iPod speaker docks are usually interchangeably designed affairs, which is what makes the brightly colored iCrystal speaker from Speakal such a breath of fresh air: the dock itself is a lovely Pantone hue of red (black or white are also an option), connected to two alien eggs breaking open to reveal the day-glo, audiophonic yolk: the iCrystal’s pulsating speaker pods, which promise to deliver 360 degrees of sound.

The iCrystal runs on AA batteries, and can connect to televisions, stereo systems or non-Apple MP3 players through a 3.5mm auxiliary input jack. The iCrystal plays and charges all iPods and iPhones to date, although it’s unknown if there’s anything preventing it from similarly docking an iPhone 4.

The iCrystal is available now from Speakal’s website for just $79.99.