Apple adds new music tools to Logic Pro X and GarageBand


Logic Pro X now supports the Touch Bar.
Logic Pro X now supports the Touch Bar.
Photo: Apple

One of the most powerful synthesizers in the world has finally arrived on iPhone and iPad, thanks to a big update for GarageBand that Apple pushed to users this morning.

Both Garageband for iOS and Logic Pro X for macOS received huge new features today, bringing new music creation tools for iPhone and Mac users, as well as support for the new Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro.

What’s new in GarageBand

Vocal effects are now just a tap away.
Photo: Apple

Alchemy has been a favorite synthesizer of Logic Pro users for years. By adding it to Garageband, Apple has added over 150 patches for genres like EDM, Hip Hop, Rock, Indie and Pop.

Other new GarageBand 2.2 features includes new Multi-Take Recording so you can get multiple passes to capture your best performance and find your favorite take. The audio recorder has been redesigned with one-tap vocal effects like pitch correction, distortion and delay. There’s also a new sound browser that makes it easier to find instruments.

Logic Pro X goodies

macbook pro logic pro x
You can customize controls on the Touch Bar.
Photo: Apple

Pros are getting even more powerful tools today with a new modern interface that also works with the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar to put contextual controls at your finger tips. The update also plays well with GarageBand for iOS so you can remotely add tracks to your Logic sessions from your iPhone or iPad.

With the new support for Touch Bar, you can now navigate projects in a timeline view. Access to volume and Smart Controls for selected tracks can also be accessed. You can even play instruments like the piano and drum pads directly on the Touch Bar.

The new updates are free to all users that have already purchased GarageBand and Logic Pro. If you haven’t bought them, you can download Logic Pro X for $200 and GarageBand for $5.