Super Mario explores Liberty City in hilarious GTA mod

Super Mario explores Liberty City in hilarious GTA mod


Not even Mario is safe in Liberty City.
Photo: CrowbCat

By now you’ve probably already seen the new Super Mario Odyssey trailer for Nintendo Switch, in which everyone’s favorite plumber ventures into the real world for the first time. But what if that world wasn’t created by Nintendo?

The hilarious mod below puts Mario in Grand Theft Auto 4’s terrifying Liberty City, and he looks to be having a whale of a time.

Super Mario Odyssey’s New York City doesn’t look too dissimilar to Liberty City from GTA 4; it’s just sharper and a little more colorful. But Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Bullet Bills, and Bob-ombs are the least of Mario’s worries here.

Now the Nintendo mascot must content with crazy drivers, armed police, and GTA 4’s outrageous physics. But flying helicopters, going bowling, and visiting a sGratrip joint makes it all worthwhile for Mario.

There’s a good chance Nintendo will have this video removed pretty quickly — it’s like that — so enjoy it while you can. And if you want to add enjoy Mario, Luigi, and other Nintendo characters in Liberty City yourself, you’ll find the assets you need for the PC game at GTA4-Mods.