Hotel: Leave Your Laptop Behind, Use Our Mac mini




A hotel chain wants you to leave your laptop at home and use a Mac mini for in-room entertainment and work. Call us dirty minded, but it sounds mainly useful as a way to watch free porn on boring business trips.

Joie de Vivre is a chain of California boutique hotels testing a program called Joie Connect at the Citizen Hotel in Sacramento.

In addition to cable, you get a Mac mini in your room hooked up to a 42-inch LCD TV and a remote control.

You can check your email, watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and video on demand, plus check your hotel bill, Google for local attractions and check out from the comfort of your room.

And, with all the free porn on the internet, we’re thinking it might help avoid those expensive adult movie charges, too.

Back to business, though it’s unlikely guests would leave laptops at home for a work trip, but imagine a weekend where you’ve promised the better half you’ll leave work behind but want a quick peek at the email. This would definitely be handy.

We’ve written about hotels that give guests iPod Touch or iPhones to use during their stays as more of an e-concierge, which many of our readers dismissed as gimmicky.

What do you think about the hotel room Mac mini?

  • Theset22

    In recent weeks, we have seem many attempts to “convert” the iPad into a portable laptop. Not only do we see these efforts as folly and doomed to fail, we believe they are a hindrance to the development of a better computing interface.

  • Zubair Ahmed

    Good to give some extra comfort to customers.