Sun-baked iPhone 7 Plus ad focuses on Portrait Mode


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Shooting in portrait is no longer for n00bs.
Photo: Apple

Apple dropped a charming new iPhone ad over the weekend, showing off the Portrait mode available on Apple’s phablet-size iPhone 7 Plus.

Called “Take Mine,” the ad tells the story of a young woman who arrives in a Greek village to visit her grandma, only to quickly become an in-demand portrait photographer for the locals. Upbeat, warm, and showing off the iPhone 7’s impressive tech without a hard sales pitch, it’s a definite winner.

Check it out below:

As Apple notes, “Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus helps you take great portraits by creating a depth-of-field effect that blurs backgrounds and brings faces into beautifully sharp focus. So now, taking a professional-looking portrait is as easy as snapping a photo.”

The ad concludes with the same “Practically magic” tagline that Apple has used for much of its iPhone 7 advertising.

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