While Apple goes thin, Windows PCs go fat at CES 2017


Need extra ports? Have fun lugging this beast around.
Need extra ports? Have fun lugging this beast around.
Photo: Acer

CES2017 Apple got some serious flak from fans when it unveiled its new MacBook Pro at the end of 2016, but if CES 2017 is any indicator, Apple’s not in danger of being out innovated by PCs anytime soon.

The MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar may not be a phenomenal innovation. And its four USB-C ports mean you’ll need some dongles. But when looking at the competition, the MacBook Pro is hands-down the sleekest, most useful and most beautiful laptop you can get in the world right now.

Look at these embarrassing Windows laptops:

Razer’s three-headed monster


Gaming your ass off at a coffee shop with Razer’s three-screen laptop sounds like a dream. Until the barista accidentally crashes into your giant display and breaks a panel off. No word on how much this “Project Valerie” machine will cost, but at 1.5-inches, it’s thicker than Razer’s other laptops and heaver too.

Acer’s curved screen laptop


You will probably never see Acer’s ridiculous curved screen gaming laptop in the wild. Not just because it’s so heavy no nerd can lift it, but also because at $9,000 no one can afford it.

Samsung’s sick trackpad


Samsung revealed it is getting into the gaming laptop business to with its new Odyssey line of laptops. The only real innovation Samsung brings to the table though is an ugly trackpad and red-lit keyboard.

Lenovo’s Legion lineup


Lenovo makes some of the thinnest laptops in the world, but for CES 2017 it went big with its new Predator laptop lineup. The beastly Lenovo Y720 packs a multicolor backlit keyboard, Dolby Atmos audio, a tons of ports, and a glowing Y logo in the back so people will wonder who the hell made your ugly laptop.

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81 responses to “While Apple goes thin, Windows PCs go fat at CES 2017”

  1. racerhomie2 says:

    Windows has gone Full Retard

    • Raiden says:

      Not really you dumbfuck. These are gaming machines and can still beat the MBP in every aspect except for weight. So suck a dick you fanboy piece of shit

      • PegasoneInc says:

        It’s okay, he wants a beautiful design and you want performance, you are both right from where you’re each of you sitting.

      • Texas says:

        disagree. Gaming yes PC will rape mac there is no question, but run Final Cut against anything on a PC and you will feel the power of the MacBook Pro 2016. Apple software works best, second Adobe. The problem is when you have to add a powerful CPU it draws immense power and creates incredible heat but it can also play games at the expense of portability… Which begs the question, why not build a tower gaming rig and MBP for the road? Remote Access Play

      • John Murgen says:

        Do you even game bro?

      • John Murgen says:

        This is Apple’s advantage of tuning their software to their hardware. I think if you compared Premiere on two similar spec’ computers, one from Apple and one from any PC maker, you get pretty similar results. The key here is similar machines, not some gimped up sub $500 PC that most Apple users point to in their examples.

      • Raiden says:

        Sadly the MBP packs a very weak CPU for the price you need to pay, any of these gaming beasts can beat the MBP in terms of rendering in Adobe PS, not very sure about the rest as I do not know most of Apple software.

        If I were ever to go to MacOS I’d just buy a Razer Blade 2016 and install MacOs in there

      • racerhomie2 says:

        Or one could just add an eGPU to a MBP and use BootCamp for gaming.

      • Raiden says:

        Would be an extreme bottleneck with that CPU the MBP has.

      • racerhomie2 says:

        For most games I dont think so

      • jameskatt says:

        Intel CPUs over the past 8 years have had the same CPU power. The only difference is the frequency. But then that is limited before you have to get liquid cooling.

    • Nextum says:

      This article is proof just how pathetically incompetent iSheep are.
      The only Mac argument is “at least our laptops are pretty”. Good job, you’re all officially on the intellectual level of pre-teen girls.

  2. Peter says:

    3 screens on a laptop…
    Ventilation vents with ‘caution, hot surface’ warnings…
    Laptops that weigh 9kg…

    If this is ‘real innovation’ i would rather just stick with Apple’s innovation…

  3. OUsooner08 says:

    Owning the new MBP I can say the touch bar is an innovation and absolutely awesome, I wouldn’t want to go non-touch bar. Also STOP with the dongle madness, there are plenty of inexpensive hubs on the market that come with all sorts of configuration of ports that should suit MOST users.

    • David Moore says:

      Its a money Grab….. Thats why people are mad.

      • Steve says:

        That’s your opinion, personally I like the machine as do the others in office.

      • Raiden says:


      • Steve says:

        Wow, what a well thought out intelligent response. I own Macs and PCs in my business. I also have a custom built gaming rig at home. Just because I appreciate my Mac that I use for business doesn’t make me an isheep. Which honestly calling someone iSheep is the dumbest thing ever and pretty much ensures no one will consider anything else you say or write as productive or intelligent.

      • John Murgen says:

        I think the term comes from fans who so quickly and without reserve defend an ‘innovation’ that requires additional purchases to connect a simple thumb drive to a laptop that costs $2500+. While yes USB-c is the future but deprecating everything I own or causing me to by more, should see less defending and more questioning by Apple users, of which I am one. Check out the new X1 from Lenovo, a nice balance of oldish and new ports, and a good keyboard.

      • Docservlet says:

        “causing me to by more” lol….really?

        What did you do when Apple and other OEMs removed the CD/DVD drive? Whine incessantly about the removal of legacy technologies or adapt? I think Apple was right to rip off the band aid. We all have to adapt and start changing our purchasing habits as USB C becomes there prevailing form factor. And also, why would you fret about a $10 adapter? Is it that much of a hardship?

        Apple makes the engineering decisions it sees fit and users are free to roam the marketplace for something else that suits their needs.

      • John Murgen says:

        The problem with your argument is that Apple is the only hardware maker for its ecosystem so limiting their hardware focus to their vision effectively leaves no choice if you don’t agree, you have to leave MacOS. As far as your CD statement, well you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Apple didn’t remove it until the ecosystem had moved past it, hard drives were bigger and cheaper than ever, USB drives where ready to replace them, it was a dying format. USB-C is just getting going, there aren’t a lot of peripherals offering it yet, so to ‘rip’ off the band aid of the user effectively forces them to buy dongles for everything until the peripherals are ready and can replace then USB type A devices. Lenovo’s new just announced X1 carbon got it right, two USB C ports and Two type A USB 3.1 ports, plus HDMI. Right now to use a monitor with your MBP costs you at least $50 for the dongle from Apple, or $500-$600 for a new USB C monitor. WTF. All I’m saying is yes change is good, but you don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, and that’s what Apple has done. They are the company of zero choice now.

      • Steve says:

        But I never trashed “everything you own.”. I have a custom built windows gaming machine and love if. I bought a $50 hub that suits me well, a $50 hub is a small expense, definitely not worth getting bent out of shape over.

      • John Murgen says:

        This is the mentality Apple wants, spend more of your money to make up for their ‘courage’. It is indeed braves to spend someone else’s money. Why not ask, how much is the margin on a new MBP and you couldn’t keep one legacy port? Really, do these ports take up so much room?

      • Steve says:

        It’s my money so why does it matter to you? Personally, I like the computer as well as others in my office. That’s the thing I hate about Apple bashers, they are SO concerned about what we choose to spend our money on. I bought a inexpensive USB-C/USB-A thumb drive, and replaced an ailing hard drive for a USB-C hard drive. At the end of the day you’re going to have to upgrade anyway, more and more windows computers will go USB-C as well.

        It’s no different than any other technology transition.

      • Either that or, it’s now that Tim (John Sculley) Cook and Jony Ive are catering to the lowest common denominator, and no longer care about the end user. The investor is mostly what matters now. Unfortunately the vision died along with Steve Jobs in 2010.

    • marinamusic11 says:

      but still, the could come up with a better idea than just a touchbar.

      • Steve says:

        Obviously you have not used one. The touchpad is phenomenal, has made my computing experience a lot better. Since you have such great ideas go get a job at Apple, no one else is doing anything innovative other than copying Apple form factor. Surface line is junk my wife’s work Surface Pro 4 has been replaced 3 times this year.

      • Raiden says:

        Your wife’s probably dumb enough not to know how to use a Surface Pro.

        A fucking touchbar that requires you to look down, so counter-productive lmfao. Also, 4 usb ports? Way to go (y)

      • Steve says:

        My wife has a PHd, just for your info.

      • Docservlet says:

        Why is looking down worse than having to lift your finger to poke at a screen? Hunt and peck to close windows? Nonsense. You’re a moron.

      • Raiden says:

        Because while lifting your fingers and pointing at the screen lets you have control of what you’re doing and gives you much more freedom than when using a mouse

      • Tallest Skil says:

        Enjoy using your Altair for another decade or two, kiddo.

      • Mike says:

        Lenovo had a touchbar before Mac, so don’t claim that as innovation.

      • Steve says:

        No a multi-touch, contextual touch bar with touch ID.

      • Nick Privalov says:

        I’d call that very bad luck. I’ve had a Surface Book for a while now and it’s been golden.

        If “no one else [was] doing anything innovative other than copying Apple form factor,” we wouldn’t even have a Surface line in existence.
        Exhibit A: Every Surface has had a full touchscreen built-in.

        ☐ Not rekt
        ☑ Rekt

      • Docservlet says:

        The Surface Book is a bad laptop and a worse tablet.

      • Steve says:

        Personally I hate touch screen computers, so I don’t view that as value. Reaching up and touching the screen isn’t anymore convenient than using your track pad or mouse. Not to mention at the typical distances most people sit at when using a computer it’s cumbersome and smudges the screen, plus you have a arm in front of your vision.

      • Steve says:

        I was talking about the Surface Pro 4 not the book. The SP4 has all sorts of issues, for the first 6 months it was practically unusable with all the issues. Not to mention battery life is atrocious.

      • Raiden says:

        >Implying MBP has a big battery life. Fuck outta here iSheep

      • Steve says:

        You inferred that, I didn’t say anything about MBP battery life. I get 9-10 hours. Funny you called my wife dumb, but every post you make just shows how unintelligent you are.

      • marinamusic11 says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been using apple since the 90s and PCs since the 80s. I know when apple make a true innovation, but definitely not a touch bar.

  4. stevesill says:


    When has anyone purchased a Mac for gaming… which all the computers listed above are built for.

    Buster is this the best you can do, you should probably quit your day job.

  5. AngryConsumer says:

    I know this is ‘Cult of Mac’, but still… Petty, fanboyish article. These are GAMING laptops. They serve a purpose. Try playing some of the latest titles with everything turned up to max on the 13″ Macbook Pro, with it’s year and a half old, dual core processor, integrated graphics, and 8GB of slow DDR3 RAM. I can wait.

    Also, who the hell are you to call this a lack of innovation? Innovation is pretty much by definition pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and creating technology just to ‘show it’s possible’.

    Acer doesn’t expect it’s ‘ridiculous’ $9000 laptop to sell in droves. They made it to show that they could.

    And just before I leave for a more unbiased site, what in the hell did Apple bring to the table with the Macbook ‘Pro’ this year which can actually be described as innovative? Smaller battery, check. Screen resolution unchanged from two years ago, check. Severe lack of (useful; today, not in 3 years time) ports, check. Last year’s processor’s, check. Integrated graphics (across the board), check. A tiny little strip of lights on the keyboard? Oh, please. They’re putting 4K touchscreens on laptops. And anyone can make a decent keyboard and trackpad. That’s hardly innovation. Also, extremely overpriced!

    In their obsessive quest for thinness and lightness to the bitter end, Apple has turned a professional laptop into a glorified Macbook. Oh, but you wouldn’t know, would you. You’re too busy kissing Apple’s ass to notice.

    • Tallest Skil says:

      “Gaming laptop” is like saying “freight station wagon.” It works in a “sure, technically…” kind of way that no one takes seriously.

      >>They made it to show that they could

      That’s a pretty retarded reason to make a consumer product. If that’s how they want to think, how about they get out of the business and go into spaceflight services?

      • mick says:

        Ummmm… Do you know anything about gaming? It’s all about doing things just because you can. Who the fuck needs 30 rgb led bulbs all over their case? No one, but I want 60 of the shits… BECAUSE I CAN! Also, plenty of people take gaming laptops seriously. Asus, MSI, and now several others are selling enough of them to keep selling them. Today’s college freshman aren’t asking their parents for mac book pros for college, they are asking for gaming laptops. They are just plain far, far more powerful machines. With power comes heat and with heat comes heatsinks and fans to keep the hardware cool. That stuff takes up space and adds heat. Same reason they weren’t putting powerful machines in sff cases until recently, and it’s been the ability to make videocards smaller that is responsible for that. At the end of the day, the mac book pro is an entry level machine at an enthusiast lvl price. I will take the enthusiast hardware at the enthusiast price, thanks.

      • Jack Silsan says:

        “Do you know anything about gaming?”. Certainly he don’t. You’re unfortunately wasting your time on him

      • Tallest Skil says:

        1. Not an argument.
        2. If you want to reply to me, reply to me. Don’t be a fucking coward, kid.

      • Jack Silsan says:

        “Mom Jack didn’t talk to me!

      • Tallest Skil says:

        Yes, that’d be the reason I called you kid.

      • Jack Silsan says:

        Ok elder

      • Tallest Skil says:

        >>Ummmm… Do you know anything about gaming?

        Yep. Not an argument.

        >> It’s all about doing things just because you can.

        It’s not even remotely about that.

        >> Who the fuck needs 30 rgb led bulbs all over their case? No one, but I want 60 of the shits… BECAUSE I CAN!

        That has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with gaming.

        >>Also, plenty of people take gaming laptops seriously.

        Plenty of people don’t believe a genocide is being committed on Western Civilization, but that has absolutely nothing to do with the objective reality. Gaming laptops are a joke. It’s artificial crippling.

        >>Asus, MSI, and now several others are selling enough of them to keep selling them.

        Hey, no one ever said that people were intelligent. That’s not something we’re trying to argue.

        >>Today’s college freshman aren’t asking their parents for mac book pros for college, they are asking for gaming laptops.

        Wonderful; that shows how well they’ll do in college, doesn’t it? These people need to be put the fuck down.

        >>They are just plain far, far more powerful machines.

        And what do you imagine they’ll be doing with them? Facebook and word processing.

        >>With power comes heat and with heat comes heatsinks and fans to keep the hardware cool. That stuff takes up space and adds heat.

        And draws power that no one needs or is using.

        >>At the end of the day, the mac book pro is an entry level machine at an enthusiast lvl price.

        No, but then again, what do I know about “gaming”?

        >>I will take the enthusiast hardware at the enthusiast price, thanks.

        Enjoy your shitty OS and higher electric bill.

    • Jack Silsan says:

      I f*cking agree with every single word

  6. tonny_m says:

    There is great article on The Verge about why PC gaming laptops are so ugly. This is one of the areas where the lack of Apple’s presence shows perfectly how others fail to innovate in industrial design area. When there is no leader, there is no one to follow and the consequences we can see in the pictures above, now we can imagine smartphone world when Apple doesn’t step up with iPhone.

  7. appliance5000 says:

    Not all of life is a Braun shaver. Maybe Apple could open a “pole out of their ass” division and bring out a modern pismo for people to throw whatever they want inside, and live somehow with 7 hours of battery life. And while they’re at it, they could make the keyboard lighting red and green. They’re so boooooring.

    • Tallest Skil says:

      Holy cow, Pismo fanboys still exist?! I miss you guys. I miss those days, too. It was bad enough that the list of configurables kept shrinking; now there’s ZERO ability to modify these things. Barely any reason is left to get an Apple laptop, and the desktops not much more.

      • appliance5000 says:

        we live, but our ranks are thinning….

      • CelestialTerrestrial says:

        yeah, there is. It’s called Windows. That’s the reason why I buy Apple computers. Windows STILL sucks. Why do you have to “modify” something you bought? Didn’t you buy enough RAM or storage in the first place?

      • Tallest Skil says:

        I like the idea of not paying Apple’s prices for RAM or HDD space. Because there’s zero reason for the upgrades to be 250% more expensive than MSRP. Buying the absolute minimum of both and getting more later for less is just common sense. Never mind the ability to upgrade YEARS down the line extends the utility of the device.

        Would I have purchased my Mac Pro if it didn’t have RAM, HDD, and PCIe slots? Of course not. The stock 6GB of RAM was barely enough at launch; if I couldn’t have upgraded to the 29 I have now, I wouldn’t have bothered with it.

  8. Jack Silsan says:

    Hey you jerks Apple bl0wjøbers, this is a GAMER laptop. “Thin” is a huge con, especially when you need a large battery life – oh, you only care about sheet weight. So buy a million pack of it

  9. David Moore says:

    LOL the PC’s are thicker cause they are made to game. Gaming on MAC’s completely sucks donkey balls

  10. marinamusic11 says:

    but still, the new macbook pro sucks.. these pc gaming laptop has always been like this, the design, the power etc.. but mac? well, I use mac too, but when I’m into gaming I would pick these laptops as long as it works.. mac is supposed to design something that would suit its users & fans better, definitely not the ugly touchbar.

  11. mick says:

    Oh for the love of god, you named off a bunch of gaming laptops. They are far and away more powerful than the mac book pro. These are not entry or even mid level laptops. They are meant to play the most recent releases at 60 fps in whatever panel the machine has. In some cases 120 fps. The 3 screen Razer is a concept, it isn’t something that is going to be for sale anytime soon, and most likely will never be sold. You are an idiot.

  12. John Murgen says:

    This article is click bait for people too lazy to check out real CES stories. Yes, there are some weird laptops this year, there are also some incredibly awesome lite innovative laptops being introduced. The examples here are trying to meet the gamers demands for power over everything, and surprisingly the manufacturers are trying to meet the demand. Hey, I love Apple products but let’s face it Apple has stopped trying to meet user demands for a while now, the last MacPro was a Pro Mac no pro really liked, and I use Pro in the sense that the user needs the fastest, most powerful, expandable, and upgradable Mac available. The MacPro missed several of these points, and hasn’t seen any love from Apple since. To gamers Apple says you’re doing it wrong you really just want to play iOS like games, see how thin our only pro laptop is, see how flat our keyboard is. Oh and because we think $4000 for a laptop is ok, we made it so it doesn’t work with anything currently on the market including our $800 phone without buying more bits to make it useable.

  13. Kim Operario says:

    Either this is a clickbait article or your definition for “innovation” is incredibly narrow-minded and shortsighted. That Acer Predator sports two GTX1080s in SLI configuration – TWO!! Isn’t that awesome? A desktop level GPU inside a gaming laptop (and there’s two of them). Razer, regardless of how you classify the design as ugly, was able to create a laptop with three screens. Amazing! That’s just to name a few. You even failed to mention the Asus ROG that has an external liquid cooling dock. Regardless of how ugly you think the designs are…well, I urge you to visit Steam forums and comfort Apple gamers begging for their favorite games to be given “Mac support”.

    It seems that your idea of innovation revolves around outward appearances. Isn’t that incredibly shallow?

    • Tallest Skil says:

      >>That Acer Predator sports two GTX1080s in SLI configuration – TWO!! Isn’t that awesome?

      Not really, since it’s wasted power and gimped hardware in an accident-prone scenario.

      >>You even failed to mention the Asus ROG that has an external liquid cooling dock.

      I agree with the ‘failure’ part of this insofar as it would have been hilarious to read about something that stupid.

      • Kim Operario says:

        Well, these laptops are for hobbyists. The 1080s will come in handy when running the latest AAA games at 4k resolution (take Watch Dogs 2). I highly doubt all these processing power will solely be used for word processing or Facebook, we have Macs for that.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        Watch_Dogs and its successor are such unoptimized, unfinished garbage that I doubt anything will be able to run it.

  14. Victor Nolan says:

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  15. jameskatt says:

    I think the Razer looks great. I have to carry two external 1080p monitors with my MacBook Pro. This combination weighs a lot more than the Razer.

  16. jbelkin says:

    It’s simply a different market. The only full margin WIN PC’s are in the gaming niche. The buyers there are only concerned about speed and screen resolution. They also like to believe that their keyboard should invoke lava or its from an alien spaceship. They don’t care if the battery sounds like a jet, they have headphones on. Battery life is of minimum concern also. It’s just a different market – of course with the Nvdia GeForce, the days of these might be numbered.

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