Galaxy S8 could use same battery supplier as explosive Note 7


Galaxy Note 7 that exploded while charging.
The Note 7 was one of last year's big debacles.
Photo: Mr NiBaidu

Samsung threw away millions of dollars and took a hefty PR hit thanks to its exploding Galaxy Note 7, which it wound up recalling at great cost last year.

However, it seems that Samsung’s not ready to give up on the controversial batteries used in the smartphone, but will instead continue using Samsung SDI batteries for its upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship device.

“Samsung Electronics has recently confirmed the battery supply for its premium smartphone Galaxy S8,” a local report claims. It does note that the company may opt to “diversify” its supply channels in the future, but that it will, “use Samsung SDI’s batteries for the time being.”

Samsung’s Note 7 handset was one of the most notorious tech failures in 2016, with multiple reports of its battery catching fire — leading to scenarios like the evacuation of a Southwest Airlines flight after a passenger’s Note 7 emitted a thick grey-green smoke and burned a hole in the plane’s carpet.

The handset was allegedly rushed to market due to Samsung’s confidence that the iPhone 7 would turn out to be a box office dud.

While we haven’t yet had any conclusive reports as to the reason the Note 7 proved so unstable (an official report is forthcoming), some have suggested that it was not the fault of the battery so much as with the overall design, which failed to give the battery enough room to expand.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is expected to arrive in the first half of this year, quite possibly in April.

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Source: Korea Herald