Eat off an iPad at this fancy San Francisco restaurant


Truffles served on an iPad plate.
Photo: Richie Nakano

A restaurant in San Francisco has begun serving food on iPads. Quince is using the popular tablets as plates in an apparent effort to appeal to younger diners. Each iPad plays a video of a water dog searching for truffles while you eat your meal off its screen.


Many restaurants, including McDonald’s, have introduced tablets to keep kids entertained while they eat. But Quince, a Michelin-starred restaurant on San Francisco’s Pacific Avenue, had another idea that makes … zero sense.

Instead of using iPads to entertain diners, it is using them to serve food. And this wasn’t just a temporary arrangement while they were low on plates over the busy Christmas period; it was a conscious decision supposedly designed to attract younger customers.

iPad plates are only used when customers order a dish called “A Dog in Search of Gold,” which consists of white truffle croquettes. Diners cannot use the iPads once they are done eating; they are used to play a video of water dogs hunting for truffles — and that’s it.