Gentlemen: Behold the iPad Suit



An upscale Manhattan tailor has designed a $600 suit jacket with an iPad pocket.

Mohan’s custom tailors, founded in the 70s before men needed gadget pockets, said the somewhat gimmicky-looking iPad suit is the result of customer requests.

You don’t have to be very sartorially savvy to wonder how the jacket — pictured either flat or with the model holding it — could stand carrying a 1.5 pound device on one side without deforming the fabric or giving you a lopsided look. Mohan’s says it has “several dozen” appointments scheduled for fittings.

And, yeah, we’re betting that just as Holly Golightly wouldn’t wear the iPad dress, Paul Varjak probably wouldn’t carry his iPad around in his jacket.

It just further highlights the somewhat awkward size of the iPad, too big for a discreet pocket, but small enough not to require a dedicated computer bag.

How are you carrying yours?