Google Pixel can't handle iPhone 7 Plus screenshots

Google Pixel can’t handle iPhone 7 Plus screenshots


How iPhone 7 Plus screenshots appear on Pixel.
Photo: Android Police

A bizarre bug is causing iPhone 7 Plus screenshots to become completely unrecognizable when viewed on the Google Pixel. It means Pixel owners are unable to view grabs received from iPhone-owning friends, and no one knows why.

Strangely, the bug only affects screenshots taken inside an app (not on the home screen) on an iPhone 7 Plus and received by SMS/MMS or Google Hangouts, users report. The images become totally distorted when opened on the Pixel or Pixel XL — as demonstrated in the image above.

[contextly_auto_sidebar]Screenshots taken on the smaller iPhone 7 and older Apple smartphones appear just fine, and there’s no problem with Pixel screenshots displayed on an iPhone.

“The problem might be because of something in the way image processing is handled in the very latest version of Android, 7.1,” reports Android Policewhich noticed the user complains on Google’s official product forum. “At least one user reports that it’s happening on an older Nexus 6 running 7.1.”

Google support staff are aware of this issue, but there’s no news on a fix just yet. It’s unlikely the issue will cause problems for too many users, but with so many iPhone 7 Plus owners out there, it’s certainly a frustrating bug for those who chose a Pixel instead.