Black Friday deals on health and fitness: A Withings gift guide


Withings Black Friday gift guide
Great Black Friday deals slash up to 70 percent off Withings fitness and health gear.
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This post is brought to you by Withings.

Don’t let shopping stress you out and spoil the holiday spirit. Gifts that are useful and beautiful are always a safe bet, and these Black Friday deals on health and fitness products from Withings — one of our favorite purveyors of quality gear — mean you can save up to 70 percent on the perfect gifts for 2016.

But don’t delay: These excellent deals on Withings fitness trackers, home health gadgets and smart scales won’t last forever. Prices go back up Tuesday!

For the caring parent


Thermo smart temporal thermometer

The Thermo is a total reinvention of the thermometer. Sporting 16 infrared sensors that detect blood flow around the temple, it can give a temperature reading in two seconds without even touching the skin. An instant, color-coded fever indicator eliminates guesswork, syncing to an included smartphone app that tracks temperature history and offers health advice from Boston Children’s Hospital.

Buy now: Get a Thermo for $79.96 — that’s a discount of 20 percent.


Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure is one of the most important health indicators for people of any age, but the pump-action readers we all grew up with can be clunky and tough to interpret. Withings’ Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor syncs to your smartphone for instant, reliable readings with an accuracy of ±3 mmHg. It’s cleared by the FDA to assess heart rate and blood pressure and issue easy-to-interpret results.

Buy now: Pick up a Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor for $79.96, a 20 percent discount.

For the futurist family


Withings Home video and air-quality monitor

This is just about the closest possible thing to having a household droid. The Withings Home lets you observe what’s going on inside your house in HD via an encrypted connection, no matter where you are. With built-in microphones, night vision and a 135-degree field of view, this watchful eye will send an alert if it detects movement while you’re away. A set of continuous and time-lapse recording options let you keep a daily diary of what goes on while you’re gone. Home also keeps an eye on the air quality in your house, offering new insights into the place you thought you knew best.

Buy now: Put a Home in your house for $99.97 — that’s half off the usual price.

For the fashion-conscious friend trying to get fit


Withings Go fitness tracker

Fitness trackers come in all shapes and sizes, but few can take on different forms themselves. Built around a central tracker disc that can be inserted into either a watch or a clip-on body, the Withings Go adapts to whatever best suits the activity — and looks great the whole time. The always-on e-ink screen sips power, allowing for eight months of use without replacing the battery. Go will automatically recognize the pace of walks, runs or swims, track the length and depth of your sleep, and log food consumption, all of which is laid out graphically via the free Health Mate app. Go is also compatible with more than 100 health and fitness apps like Apple Health, Nike+ and Runkeeper.

Buy now: Get a Go for $51.97, a full 35 percent off the normal price tag.


Activité fitness tracker

While it’s definitely a full-featured fitness tracker, the Activité is also a beautiful, bona fide wrist piece. Like the Go, it’ll keep track of steps, sleep, calories and swims, with water resistance of up to 5 atmospheres. It’ll also sync with smartphone health apps to make all that information useful, with a battery that lasts up to eight months. All the while, the Activité looks and feels like a proper timepiece — because it is one. Stainless steel encases the precision timekeeping mechanism, and a high-quality leather strap holds it to the wrist.

Buy now: Pick up an Activité for $292.50 — that’s a discount of 35 percent.


Activité Pop

This Activité variant packs the latest fitness-tracking tech into a more casual look. Available in four colors.

Buy now: Get an Activité Pop for $84.47 — that’s 35 percent off.


Activité Steel

Made of steel and chrome, with a choice of nine colors for the silicone strap, the Activité Steel fitness tracker looks simply stunning on the wrist.

Buy now: Pick up an Activité Steel for $74.97, a 50 percent discount.


Pulse Ox fitness tracker

The Pulse Ox fitness tracker emphasizes functionality by taking a more traditional form that’s sleek and inconspicuous. Like the other Withings fitness trackers on this list, it’ll measure your steps, sleep, swims, distance covered and calories burned. But Pulse adds the critical elements of elevation, heart rate and blood oxygen levels. Tied together and presented with Withings’ Health Mate app, this data offers a much more complete picture of health, leading to more informed workouts and daily habits. Plus, the Pulse can be worn as a wrist piece or attached to clothing.

Buy now: Get a Pulse Ox for $64.97, 35 percent off the usual price.

For your restless sibling


Aura smart sleep system

Some of us have trouble getting to sleep at night or getting out of bed in the morning, in ways that a shrieking alarm clock can’t really help. The Aura Connected Alarm Clock offers a new way to ease the transition into and out of sleep, by tapping the link between light and melatonin. A sunrise-simulating, melatonin-inhibiting blue light in the morning is accompanied by music to progressively and gently rouse even the most committed snoozers. At night, a sunset-like red light stimulates the generation of melatonin, making sleep come easier and faster. Aura will also sync with your Spotify account, and more than 20,000 web radio streams, so you won’t find yourself slapping the mute or snooze buttons.

Buy now: Grab an Aura for $123.47 — that’s a discount of 35 percent.

For parents watching their weight


Body connected smart scale

Stepping on a scale usually offers little more than a number (along with some self-consciousness). The Withings Body smart scale offers something more actionable: Along with a user’s weight, it measures your BMI, total body fat and water percentage as well as bone and muscle mass. This body composition scale syncs via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so you can set weight goals and manage caloric intake, thanks to integrated nutrition tracking and personalized progress metrics. The Body smart scale offers hyper-accurate measurements, and is able to automatically recognize and record info from up to eight users, making it perfect for entire families trying to get fit together.

Buy now: Swipe up a Withings Body scale for $84.47, 35 percent off the usual price.


Body Cardio heart-healthy smart scale

For an even more complete picture of your health, the Body Cardio smart scale offers insight into the cardiovascular system. It measures heart rate and pulse wave velocity in addition to the weight, BMI, body fat, water percentage and bone/muscle mass measurements of the Body scale. Doctors consider pulse wave velocity a key indicator of risk for hypertension and cardiovascular disease, making this measurement a critical element for ensuring true fitness. Body Cardio is the first scale to offer this metric.

Buy now: Pick up a Body Cardio for $107.97 — that’s a discount of 40 percent.


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