Samsung rips off iPhone's jet black finish for Galaxy S7

Samsung rips off iPhone’s jet black finish for Galaxy S7 edge


“Glossy black,” not jet black.
Photo: Weibo

Samsung’s desperate to boost Galaxy S7 sales following the death of the Galaxy Note 7, so it’s turning to Apple (again) for inspiration.

The South Korean company is planning a “glossy black” version of its flagship smartphone that will take on the insanely popular jet black iPhone 7.

Samsung already sells an onyx black Galaxy S7 edge, but it has more of a matte finish that doesn’t look quite as extravagant alongside a jet black iPhone. It’s also old news now — it made its debut back in March — and jet black is what’s hot.

[contextly_auto_sidebar] What’s more, Samsung must do all it can to sell more Galaxy S7 units before it introduces the Galaxy S8 next spring, because its most recent Galaxy Note is well over a year old now, and no one’s going to want to buy that.

Samsung knows introducing new color options works, too. The company recently introduced a coral blue version of the Galaxy S7 edge, and that’s selling almost 15,000 units every day on average, according to a report from The Investor.

That same report, which cites industry sources familiar with the plan, claims the glossy black Galaxy S7 edge will go on sale next month. Meanwhile, photos of the device have already surfaced on Chinese micro-blogging network Weibo.

jet black Galaxy S7
So shiny!
Photo: Weibo

The glossy black Galaxy S7 edge will almost certainly be exactly the same as the original internally, so it should cost no more.

It will also have the same curved Gorilla Glass panels on its front and back, which means although it might be a little more fragile than the jet black iPhone, it won’t scratch anywhere near as easily.