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Marvel at the size of this giant iPhone 7 ad


iPhone 7 Dubai
The iPhone 7 screen is big, just not that big.
Photo: Guy Kawasaki/Instagram

Apple’s cool, noir-esque minimalist billboards for the iPhone 7 can be seen all over the world, but is this one the biggest yet?

Spotted by well-known former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki during a trip to Istanbul Dubai, the giant iPhone billboard stretches virtually the entire length of a pair of impressively tall towers.

Well, that’s one way to grab people’s attention!

Big iPhone ad!

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Apple’s far from the only tech company which has taken to advertising on giant billboards in recent times. Google previously became the first customer of one of the world’s largest advertising billboards in New York’s Times Square. That screen, which was an epic eight stories high, ran an entire block, and was made up of a mind-blowing 24 million pixels.

LG Electronics also shelled out for a record-breaking, 820.2 feet-long billboard at King Khaled International Airport in Saudi Arabia.

[contextly_auto_sidebar]I’m unfamiliar with the particular building Apple has chosen to advertise on in Istanbul Dubai (let us know in the comments below), but Apple has also put up some impressively-sized iPhone 7 ads elsewhere — with some notable ones popping up in L.A.

While Apple’s not exactly hurting for brand recognition, we guess it’s always good to offer a visual reminder of just how big the iPhone actually is (metaphorically, not literally in this case!)

Have you got any giant-sized iPhone 7 ads near you? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Guy Kawasaki/Instagram