Retailers expect AirPods to ship this month


AirPods could finally be arriving soon.
Photo: Apple

Some rumors have warned that we might have to wait until the new year for AirPods to arrive, but a number of retailers expect them to arrive much sooner. According to one, they’ll start shipping before the end of the month.

Featuring Apple’s new W1 wireless chip, AirPods are the perfect companion to iPhone 7 — Apple’s first iPhone without a headphone jack. They’re also easier to setup, more efficient, and more reliable than traditional Bluetooth headphones (or so Apple claims).

AirPods were originally expected to ship in October, but Apple delayed them because they weren’t quite ready. It hasn’t offered us an official launch date since then, leading some sources to speculate that AirPods won’t be arriving anytime soon.

However, French retailer Fnac began taking pre-orders for AirPods this week, and it is promising that they’ll ship on November 30 — in plenty of time for Christmas. Meanwhile, Czech retailer Alza promises they’ll be here by December.

Some Apple stores have already received AirPods units that they can demonstrate to customers, which suggests a launch is close. Apple will surely be trying its hardest to ensure they’re on sale for the holidays when sales are at their highest.

Bear in mind, however, that none of this has been confirmed by Apple, so don’t get your hopes up just yet. The company has been alarming quiet about its AirPods plans since delaying their launch in late October.

Via: Mac4Ever