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Watch devs read 1-star reviews of their apps


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Everybody hurts sometimes.
Photo: Úll/Vimeo

App developers may be rich, charismatic, good-looking and able to code (OK, so a significant portion only fall into one of these categories), but they’re also human — and that means criticism hurts.

With that in mind, a new video mines devs’ negative user reviews for comic gold by getting indie developers to read their own negative feedback in the App Store.

Check it out below.


The message? Some negative feedback is certainly warranted, but — just like Jimmy Kimmel’s celebrities read mean tweets videos this was inspired by — sometimes anonymous members of the public will say harsh things just for the LOLZ.

How do you take app recommendations? Do you leave or read reviews in the App Store? And, if you’re a developer, what’s the meanest review you’ve ever got? Leave your comments below.