Homemade Album Tops UK iTunes



This is London:

Acoustic guitarist Kate Walsh has knocked Take That off the top of the iTunes download album chart – but does not even own an iPod.

The 23-year-old guitarist recorded her album in a friend’s bedroom and named it Tim’s House in his honour.

The homemade album has proved a unexpected hit with iPod fans who had downloaded it from the iTunes website in their thousands – knocking Take That and Kaiser Chiefs from the top spots.

Miss Walsh said: “You end up looking at it every day to see if you’re still number one. I think I’m ahead of Elton.

“I don’t actually have an iPod yet. I hear they are quite good for ten hour flights.

“I set up my own record label called Blueberry Pie and just got the music out there. It’s pretty easy. Anyone can do it.”

The classically trained pianist from Brighton said she built up a fan base by putting her music onto her MySpace page and eventually persuaded iTunes to sell it.

Kate Walsh’s MySpace Page.

2 responses to “Homemade Album Tops UK iTunes”

  1. Ross Brown says:

    And a damn fine album it is too. I downloaded the free iTunes song and, when I noticed it was number one, decided I ought to check out the rest of the album.

    Very good it is too. Chilled. Mellow. Beautifully-recorded. And she has a beautiful voice.

    The fact it was less than £5 ($10) didn’t hurt either.

    Congratulations Kate – I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.