Pulse: the iPad’s Most Gorgeous Newsreader



Created by Stanford alums Ashkay Kothari and Ankit Gupta as part of the Launch Pad class at the Stanford Institute of Design, Pulse is an absolutely gorgeous iPad newsreader that makes RSS and Atom feeds as easy as Google search, and even more gorgeous than Google Reader Play.

Co-founder Ankit Gupta says, “A lot of people we talked to were really confused about RSS and Atom and the whole vocabulary around news aggregators. We have thrown all those terms away, and made it as easy as Google search. You enter some keywords, Pulse gives you top results and you can pick the source you want to follow”.

Pulse’s UI is sublime: you swipe north to south to see headlines from various sources, left to right to see a source’s current stories, and tap to enlarge.

The only issue? A depressing limitation of only twenty RSS feeds. That said, I could probably live with that: as a blogger subscribed to several hundred feeds, when I take out my iPhone or iPad, I want my feeds to be pared down to the illuminating, fun and utterly essential anyway.

Pulse is available for the App Store now for just $3.99.

[via 9to5Mac]