• dude

    Post a video! That would be sweeet.

  • dude

    nvm…clearly im retarded.

  • Jim

    Strange that we never see a 360 video of the room. Might so we won’t see the guy with the RC transmitter?

    I see an iPhone sitting on the ‘slightly’ modified vehicle but no proof that it is, in any way, controlling or passing info to the vehicle.

    I’d rather watch the incredible wing missing aircraft safely landed! At least that shows some real imagination and computer skills…[head slap]

  • Dennis

    Hi Nicole,

    thanks for picking up our story!

    There’s only one request, our site is actually located at http://www.iphoneworld.ca , not http://www.iphoneworld.com, which has no affiliation with us whatsoever….

    We’d appreciate you fixing the link:)