Apple approached Time Warner about possible acquisition

Apple approached Time Warner about possible acquisition


Apple TV might get exclusive TV shows.
Buying Time Warner would be great for Apple TV.
Photo: Apple

AT&T isn’t the only company interested in acquiring HBO’s parent company Time Warner Inc.

Apple executives approached the company about a potential merger a few months ago, according to a new report that claims the iPhone-maker is keeping a close eye on Time Warner’s advanced acquisition talks with AT&T.

[contextly_auto_sidebar] The Wall Street Journal says executives under CEO Tim Cook were involved in the talks to buy TW, but negotiations “didn’t progress beyond a preliminary stage.”

Adding Time Warner’s portfolio of companies would instantly give Apple a ton of content that it could offer on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. Time Warner owns HBO, Cartoon Network, DC Comics, CNN, Time Inc, TNT, TBS, Warner Bros and dozens of other companies.

Time Warner bidding war?

Other contenders could jump into the battle for Time Warner and start a bidding war or kill AT&T’s deal. If AT&T does end up buying Time Warner, it could trigger other tech companies to scoop up media companies.

Comcast could be interested in acquiring Time Warner or some of its pieces. CBS CEO Leslie Moonves allegedly talked to Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes a few times about combining companies, but Time Warner didn’t see much promise in the deal.

Google, Walt Disney Co., and 21st Century Fox are said to be unlikely to make a move to buy Time Warner. AT&T is supposedly looking to seal the deal before competitions heats up. WSJ says announcement of a merger could come as soon as this weekend.