Apple makes October 27 Mac event official


See any clues in Apple's invite?
See any clues in Apple's invite?
Photo: Apple

Mark your calendars: New Macs are coming on October 27.

Apple sent out invites to the press on Wednesday afternoon to a keynote at Apple HQ that is widely expected to bring a bunch of new Macs, including a redesigned MacBook Pro with an OLED touchbar.

The Mac keynote will take place at 10AM PT on Thursday, October 27 in Cupertino, California. Although Apple hasn’t said what to expect at the event, the tagline “Hello again” is an homage to the original Macintosh that announced its self with a simple “Hello” during Steve Jobs’ keynote.

What to expect

Apple’s October 27 keynote is expected to include multiple updates for the Mac lineup. Early spy shots of the upcoming MacBook Pro revealed a thinner design that includes 4 USB-C ports and a headphone jack. The new OLED touch bar at the top of the keyboard will replace the function keys and Touch ID will be built-in.

The iMac and Mac Mini may also receive updates at the event. Both machines have gone years without a major update.

Apple is also expected to make some updates to the 13-inch MacBook Air. The smaller 11-inch units may get scraped altogether in favor of the 12-inch Retina MacBook.