Google and CBS strike deal for streaming TV service


The Late Show will be part of Google's TV streaming package.
The Late Show will be part of Google's TV streaming package.
Photo: CBS

Google has struck a deal with CBS to provide content for its upcoming streaming television service, according to a new report that reveals the search engine giant plans to release its product for cord-cutters next year.

The new service dubbed ‘Unplugged’ will cost customers $25 – $40 to access a bundle of channels available on YouTube.

“The new TV service, which will be housed on Google’s YouTube platform, is likely to premiere in early 2017,” reports the Wall Street Journal. “Google is also near an accord to distribute channels owned by 21st Century Fox and is in advanced talks with Walt Disney Co. as well.”

Beating Apple to TV

Apple was supposedly working on its own television streaming service for years. The company eventually gave up on the project though due to negotiation difficulties with TV studios. CBS CEO Les Moonves even said his company would likely sign a deal with Apple, but nothing ever materialized.

Sitting out on TV streaming could turn out to be a good thing for Apple. Other companies have already launched a bunch of rival streaming services. Dish Network launch Sling TV last year while Sony debuted its Playstation Vue service. Hulu also said its working on a cable-style online service that will be available in early 2017.

Google will reportedly launch Unplugged as a separate product from YouTube Red, however a curated portion of videos from YouTube Red will be included as part of the Unplugged skinny bundle.