Why you shouldn’t slap a skin on your jet black iPhone 7


iPhone 7 Plus jet black
Be careful how you protect your jet black iPhone 7 from scratches.
Photo: Apple

If you don’t like using cases, you might be tempted to slap a skin on your jet black iPhone 7 to prevent its shiny surface from getting scratched. Here’s why that’s a bad idea.

Skins are usually a great alternative to cases because they protect your iPhone from scuffs and scratches without adding any bulk. They look good, too; you can get skins in a variety of different looks and finishes, like leather and carbon fiber.

But if you have a jet black iPhone 7, you should avoid them.

One user discovered that removing a skin from this particular model also strips away the writing on the back of the device — including the iPhone moniker, the FCC information, and the “Designed by Apple in California” slogan.

As explained in the video below, the SlickWraps skin that caused this wasn’t even left on the iPhone for a prolonged period of time. The user found that their original wasn’t applied as neatly as it could have been, so they swapped it out for a new one after just one week.

The skin doesn’t completely remove the text, but it takes away enough that the bold iPhone name is “nearly impossible” to see.

This YouTuber isn’t the only person with this problem. MacRumors reports that its forum is littered with complaints from jet black iPhone owners who have experienced the same problem.

“I had a normal protector on for about 1 minute and took it off,” writes one user. “The writing peels right off.”

iPhone logo on skin
Farewell, iPhone logo.
Photo: Ksyu/MacRumors

Of course, some might prefer this look, but it might make it difficult to sell your jet black iPhone next year when it’s time to upgrade to the latest model. Fortunately, the problem doesn’t affect the regular black, silver, gold, or rose gold color options.

  • Sergey

    So, someone is getting the jet black iPhone and covering it?
    What is the point then?
    Just get a mate black one and cover it :-)
    I also do not believe that apple released something like this.
    It is like they are trying to run beta testing of materials on their users?
    What is wrong with you apple?
    I get it that glossy surfaces are easier to scratch, but this phone gets scratches all over it after a minor first wiping of finger prints !
    Why on earth Apple? I’ve got no words.
    I will get the regular black one.

    • Captain Henry Morgan

      Matte Black iPhone 7 looks nicer than the Jet Black. I think the Jet Black is there if you don’t like to use case but it will give you scratches all over.

    • Ptluzzi59

      seriously dude? do you hear yourself? or did you not watch the video? in order for the sprayed on shield he put on that iPhone also adhered to the PAINT the iPhone logo is made of! so when he pulled the sprayed cover off it pulled a layer of logo paint off!!!!!

    • Tina

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    • BlackTiger

      There is no 256GB Just Black model.

      • Ilya

        Umm, yeah there is. I’m holding it right now.

  • Joe B.

    “I applied this really sticky residue onto my new phone with liquids and adhesive, and then when I pulled it off, it ruined my phone”

    I bet this guy will be surprised if he were to put tape on the wall, rip it off and see paint be removed.

  • Alphafox

    I have a Jet Black iPhone and it doesnt scrach NEARLY as much as people complain about. If your covering it with a clear skin then it will protect the surface while letting you still see the black color, its not like your covering it with a case and cant see it. as far as the letters peeling off, so what? they are hardly visible as it is. as ling as you can still make it out…

  • Ptluzzi59

    find something real to complain about!

  • londoner

    Guys, “plastic case” is still fine to use, “stick-on skin” is bad.