Apple film shows how Rapha designs cycling gear with iPad Pro


Rapha designer Alex Valdman uses iPad Pro for everything.
Rapha designer Alex Valdman uses iPad Pro for everything.
Photo: Apple

The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil have completely changed how the cycling clothing company Rapha designs its fashionable road gear.

In a new short film, Apple goes behind-the-scenes with Rapha’s head of design, Alex Valdman, discussing everything from his approach to design, creative process, and how he uses the iPad Pro to get work done.

“Before iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, I had so many notebooks floating around,” Alex Valdman told TechCrunch. “One in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, work, totes, back packs, a mini one in my wallet. You get the picture. Always a notebook at arms reach.”

Designing on iPad Pro

Rapha has been one of our favorite makers of cycling gear for years. Their threads boast a minimalistic design that honors tradition without being boring.

Staying on top of Rapha’s clothing collections isn’t easy, but Valdman says he’s taken the drastic step of using iPad Pro for everything, including for very early sketches. Now instead of using a laptop, Valdman revealed he uses Procreate, a few Adobe apps and Goodnotes for most of his drawings.

“There’s only one object that can help me get that organized, communicate creative and fit into a Musette bag,” he said. “iPad Pro puts your entire life in the palm of your hand.”