Microsoft Wants To Triple Numbers of iPhone’s First Year With Windows Phone 7



In the first year of Windows Phone 7’s launch, Microsoft wants to sell 30 million licenses by the end of 2011… three times the amount of iPhones sold in its first year.

What a joke. There’s simply no way Microsoft can manage that. They aren’t even in the game at this point, and Windows Phone 7 is, at best, playing a game of catch-up with iPhone OS 3.0. Meanwhile, iPhone OS 4.0 — an operating system attached to the world’s best selling smartphone — is right around the corner. And that’s not even mentioning Android, a far superior and more fully featured mobile operating system that is available to every handset manufacturer for free.

Let’s run the math. In the first quarter of the year, Apple sold 8.8 million iPhones compared to Microsoft’s 3.7 million licenses for Windows 7. So for Microsoft to sell 30 million licenses by the end of 2011, they essentially need to keep pace with the most popular smartphone in the world’s sales, without any app library or existing users, while competing with not one, but two superior operating systems with thriving user and app ecosystems, one of which is free.

Perhaps I should just end this post here with one final word: lolwhut?

[via Apple Insider]

  • Dannies Hendrato

    Hey, Microsoft! Are you kidding me?