Russian President Medvedev a Mac User



President Dimitry Medvedev governs Russia from what looks like a Mac Book Pro, if photos released by the Kremlin are any indication. Something about a guy with an open shirt, no tie and a manageable pile of papers running a country doesn’t look right to me. It looks like the Russian government uses plenty of PCs, if the equipment in the background is any indication.
Medvedev, not new to the Apple world, has been also seen with an iPhone, before it was available on the local market.

Via The Unoffical Apple Weblog

  • Nick M.

    lay off of CNN feed a bit…

  • mmnw

    “a guy with an open shirt, no tie and a manageable pile of papers”

    Well, his predecessor was shot topless in the wilderness. So a picture with a shirt, some papers and a MacBook seems an improvement to me ;)

  • xJane

    I haven’t tried to use a PC in a foreign language for some time, but I know that for a long time, non-Roman characters (like those in the Japanese or Russian languages) displayed much better on a Mac than a PC. It would not surprise me in the least if Mac was the computer-of-choice for most non-Roman-character-language-speakers.

  • daniel

    Why you think it’s ok for Bush to have open shirt and not for other leader. With the mentality like yours you should not be allowed to write articles. Get a life.

  • musyne

    What’s the matter about the tie ?

  • Brendan West

    I wouldn’t call Medvedev a Mac user as much as a rabid populist.

  • Thomas

    Hey, don’t be hating on Russia. Glad to see Medvedev has some good taste in gadgets.

  • Mike

    Thanks for the link! It’s “Unofficial,” not “Unoffical,” but no worries. :-)

  • rapella

    tis not about platform
    tis about efficiency

  • Melv

    Hey Dimitry, it’s time to upgrade your MBP!