Sleek power bank charges Apple Watch and iPhone simultaneously


The ZENS Power Bank  for the Apple Watch and iPhone.
The ZENS Power Bank for the Apple Watch and iPhone.
Photo: ZENS

Our Apple devices are designed, in part, to make our lives easier. But the chargers they come with add a burden. Tangled cords and bulk become nuisance cargo in our bags and that’s if you don’t lose track of one of your chargers.

The Dutch company ZENS has prided itself for the last five years on cutting our cords and its latest wireless power bank offers an Apple MFi certified one-stop charging solution for the Apple Watch and the iPhone or iPad.

ZENS power bank
The power banks has an Apple MFi certified charging module for the Apple Watch.
Photo: ZENS

The ZENS Apple iPhone/Watch Power Bank takes up little room in a bag or on a nightstand while housing a 4000 mAh battery. It is designed especially for the Apple Watch (including the Series 2) with a circular charging module atop its sleek housing.

The watch wearer can also simultaneously charge an iPhone or iPad with a USB cord. Fast charging comes with 2A output and once spent, the power bank can be charged by plugging it into a MacBook or PC.

The 2-in-1 Powerbank debuted on the ZENS website Monday and is available for about $78.

ZENS is located the Eindhoven Brainport region, which is a kind of a Silicon Valley for The Netherlands.

The company’s cube-shaped Apple Watch charger was featured in Cult of Mac’s Best List in August and ZENS makes wireless charging solutions for several companies, even incorporating some of its products in furniture.

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  • NapMan

    I assumed that the Apple Watch charger was 100% proprietary. Every other charging dock, case requires the use of your own cable.

  • Daniel Hertlein

    The website says “You can charge an iPhone by plugging it into the micro-USB port.” I think they probably meant USB, but I’d hate to spend $80 only to discover it requires the use of a cable that doesn’t exist.