SIM card gadget lets you leave the second iPhone at home


Carry an extra iPhone or carry a SIMpro to manage that extra phone line.
Carry an extra iPhone or carry a SIMpro to manage that extra phone line.
Photo: SIMpro

Too bad Hillary Clinton is busy or she could serve as a celebrity endorser for a Kickstarter campaign sure to interest people whose important lives depend on carrying two smartphones.

SIMpro is a credit-card-sized device that serves as a dual-SIM adapter with data connection that can manage two active phone numbers. SIMpro works with an iOS app and even works with Bluetooth to turn an iPod or iPad into smartphones.

“Our founders travel around the world and over time they travel, they either have to bring along with them an extra phone for the local SIM card or have to change SIM cards, “ Gary Fu, one of those globe-trotting co-founders, told Cult of Mac. “What if a single device could solve this problem?”

Several early backers are eager to try. The SIMpro has 30 days remaining on Kickstarter and already has raised more than $35,000 for production. SIMpro is available right now for about $65 (U.S. dollars).

SIMpro also acts as a hot spot, can record phone calls and use Bluetooth to turn an iPad or iPod into a phone.
Photo: SIMpro

SIMpro, with a home for that second SIM card, makes it a tool worthy of your business carry, but some of its other features elevate it to “must have” status.

It provides global network connection, including your own hotspot, keeps your privacy, is capable of recording phone calls and goes five days on a single charge, according to its creators.

SIMpro probably would not have worked for Clinton’s two phones when she was Secretary of State. She carried a private iPhone as well as her State Department-issued Blackberry. But it could prove a useful gadget should a future administration switch to iOS.

The SIMpro team has been using 10 test units continuously for the last six months to perfect the device.

The campaign has already secured enough to enter the production stage and if all goes according to schedule, SIMpro – which comes in black or white – will begin shipping in December.