DJI’s tiny Mavic Pro drone will land at Apple Stores


The Mavic Pro can be flown via the included controller or your iPhone.
The Mavic Pro can be flown via the included controller or your iPhone.
Photo: DJI

The battle for droning supremacy is heating up today after DJI revealed its tiny new Mavic Pro drone that will take on GoPro’s new Karma drone system.

Despite launching later, the Mavic Pro has a few advantages on the Karma though. It’s smaller, faster and smarter. And you’ll be able to buy it at your local Apple Store.

DJI’s new Mavic Pro drone features a folding design that can compress the device down to the size of a water bottle. Despite its diminutive size, Mavic Pro features a number of intelligent features that make flying it a breeze.

To capture breathtaking aerial photography, DJI strapped a 4K video camera on a 3-axis gimbal. It can also take 12MP RAW stills in either portrait or landscape mode thanks to the gimbal that can be controlled via an iPhone.

Mavic Pro is designed to be friendly for beginners, too. It packs five cameras, GPS and GLONASS navigation system, a set of ultrasonic range finders and 24 computing cores. All of that hardware lets you get pro-quality footage with the FlightAutonomy mode that prevents you from hitting obstacles. The drone can also auto-follow you uphill, orbit you, or snap pictures and videos using hand gestures.

DJI is already taking pre-orders for the Mavic Pro with the price starting at $999. Units are expected to start shipping on October 15th. Apple stores will start carrying the drone in early November.