Bill Maher explains why you don’t need to buy iPhone 7


Do you really need to buy the iPhone 7?
Do you really need to buy the iPhone 7?
Photo: HBO/Real Time with Bill Maher.

HBO talk show host Bill Maher railed on Apple for not thinking different with the iPhone 7 on his latest show. He suggested that if Apple really wanted to do some thing truly innovative, it should try not releasing a new iPhone ever year.

The comedian’s hilarious segment took aim at everyone from the shareholder that demand greatness every quarter, to the early adopters enabling the monster.

Watch Bill go in on Apple:

The iPhone 7 debuted earlier this month with the same basic look as the iPhone 6s, minus a headphone jack. The biggest visual difference is that iPhone 7 comes in two new black color options.

Apple’s new device is also water-resistant, and packs a better camera, faster processor and a new Home button.

While some pundits have claimed the iPhone 7 is a lackluster update, demand for the new devices has been much higher than expected. Both T-Mobile and Sprint claimed preorders were nearly four times greater than with the iPhone 6s.

Apple announced it won’t reveal first week sales numbers, but the CEO of iPhone-maker Pegatron says he’s optimistic that iPhone 7 sales won’t be disappointing