Cunning plan to buy iPhone 7 could land two Apple fans in jail


iPhone 7
Well, that's one iPhone 7-buying plan to strike off the list!
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Getting your hands on an iPhone 7 in store was a bit harder this year than in previous years, but two Singapore-based Apple fans came up with the perfect workaround.

Unfortunately it may wind up landing them in jail.

As a way of avoiding the queues, the pair employed Apple’s “think different” mantra and decided to head to the airport, where they knew they could get hold of the new iPhone in the departure lounge. To gain access to the lounge, they bought tickets for a flight — assuming they could ditch them after buying their iPhones.

The only problem? It turns out that entering a departure lounge without actually planning to get on an airplane is a criminal offense. They were arrested at Changi Airport after police noted that they had “no intention” of actually leaving Singapore.

The punishment for violating the “Protected Areas and Protected Places Act” is the somewhat-steep promise of a fine of up to 1,000 Singapore dollars ($735), as well as a possible two-year jail term if they’re convicted. Police have warned other people looking to follow in their footsteps not to abuse their boarding passes by using them for shopping trips.

Right now, Singapore doesn’t have its own Apple store, although work has been underway since the start of this year. Located on Orchard Road, in Singapore’s upscale retail building Knightsbridge, the building was vacated in December, and was previously used as the home for a Pure Fitness gym. Other nearby stores include Tommy Hilfiger and TANGS.

We’re not sure whether there are any prisons nearby.

Source: BBC