This tool reveals which Apple Stores have iPhone 7 in stock


iPhone 7 Plus jet black
The jet black iPhone 7 Plus is in low supply.
Photo: Apple

Getting your hands on the jet black iPhone 7 Plus is practically impossible right now unless you were one of the first to pre-order. But Apple fans hoping to pick one up in stores now have a new tool that can track down the exact model you want as soon as it’s available.

A website called iStockNow currently provides a live feed that displays every Apple Store across the globe. Stores with a green icon indicate units in stock. Red stores are waiting for more supplies.

The iPhone 7 is available at most Apple locations. If you put a filter to just search for the iPhone 7 Plus though the picture looks more bleak.

map of iPhone 7 Plus units in stock
Good luck finding the iPhone 7 Plus.
Photo: iStockNow

Apple informed the public last Thursday that its stores would not have any jet black iPhone 7 devices in stock on launch day. The unexpectedly high demand has sent Apple scrambling to ramp up inventory now that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has gone up in flames.

Unfortunately, you can’t use iStockNow to set up an alert to get notified when the model you want is available nearby, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled on the tracker. You can also follow iStockNow’s Twitter account that posts frequent updates on which areas are getting a sudden surge in supply.