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Surface Pro ad mocks the MacBook Air’s lack of stylus


Microsoft Surface to take on iPad
Look at us! Look at us!
Photo: Microsoft

The war between Microsoft and Apple may be as synonymous with the 1990s as grunge music, Alicia Silverstone and MTV playing music videos, but it seems that some folks just can’t let go of the past.

That’s based on Microsoft’s latest ad for the Surface Pro 4, which takes aim at the MacBook Air by pointing out that users of Apple’s laptop don’t possess the ability to sketch on screen using a stylus in the way that Surface Pro 4 customers can.

Check it out below.

In previous Surface ads, Microsoft has pointed out that the iPad Pro can’t run full desktop versions of software like Microsoft Office, as well as unfavorably comparing both iOS and macOS to Windows 10.

As ads go, this one isn’t too bad — but like so many ads which spend valuable airtime obsessing over rival products, it just feels a bit desperate.

The Surface Pro 4 certainly isn’t terrible — and Apple arguably invited some of these comparisons by describing the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement — but just like Samsung’s anti-Apple ads, it seems to miss the point. Talking about different use-cases is all well and good, but ultimately there are going to be some customers out there who just don’t want to use Windows.

And that’s something no catchy jingle is going to change!