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Selling your old iPhone? We pay more than Gazelle!


Cult of Mac's buyback program pays good money for your gear, even broken ones.
Cult of Mac's buyback program pays good money for your gear, even broken ones.
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Navigating the internet to find the best price for trading in your old iPhone is a pain. Lots of sites offer different prices — and all the prices seem to change by the minute. To take the pressure off, we did the work for you and compared our services on to leading iPhone buyback competitors Gazelle & iCracked.

Using an AT&T iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s in good condition, we compared our prices with the other guys. The verdict? We pay more.

Below is a list of how we compare to Gazelle/iCracked (iCracked outsources to Gazelle, so they have the same prices).

Our iPhone buyback prices vs. Gazelle/iCracked

iPhone 6 buyback prices

Good condition iPhone 6 — us: $150, them: $140
Minor damage iPhone 6 — us: $90, them: $67
Broken screen iPhone 6 — us: $85, them: $67

iPhone 6s buyback prices

Good condition iPhone 6s — us: $215, them: $204
Minor damage iPhone 6s — us: $100, them: $89
Broken screen iPhone 6s — us: $95, them: $89

Our prices versus other iPhone buyback services

Walmart, Best Buy and Apple don’t even offer cash — instead, you get store credit in exchange for your used iPhone or other device. Even so, we still beat most of their prices.

We didn’t compare Amazon and Glide because they operate differently. They make customers list their products and wait on another individual to buy. They work more like Craigslist or eBay than a true iPhone trade-in service. Because of that, you might get a bit more money with them, but the process is not as quick or convenient.

iPhone buyback: Quick and easy

In addition to competitive prices, we also offer great service through our partner, MyPhones Unlimited. The Cult of Mac buyback website is super-easy to navigate.

Getting a quote is as simple as visiting our page, clicking through device type, carrier, capacity and condition. You’ll have a quote in seconds.

Once you accept your quote, we send you a box with a free return label to send your device back. Then we put your check in the mail within 24 hours of receiving it.

We buy back other Apple devices, too

It’s not just iPhones. We buy back almost any old Apple product, from iPads to MacBooks to that Apple Watch you haven’t worn since you got it last Christmas. (And we even buy back Android devices.)

In order to pay customers more for devices, MyPhones Unlimited does all of the refurbishment in-house. That means no outsourcing of repairs, no middlemen to pay and lower shipping costs. The whole process is kept under one roof — and the savings are passed along to customers in the form of higher payments.

MyPhones Unlimited is the most legitimate, safe and trustworthy option when it comes to selling your old tech device for the highest price. If you aren’t convinced, go ahead and give them a call at (479) 530-9337. They’re based in the United States and welcome any questions you may have.

Get a quote for your old Apple device now

So, if you want to turn your old Apple device into quick cash so you can pay off that shiny new jet black iPhone 7 Plus you preordered, try the Cult of Mac buyback program. Get a quote today — you won’t be disappointed.


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