Apple Watch Series 2 could be twice as successful as the original


Apple Watch
Apple is betting big on Apple Watch Series 2
Photo: Apple

Apple has reportedly ramped up both chip and component orders for the Apple Watch Series 2, with monthly shipment orders for August and September both surpassing two million units.

Provided order numbers remain at this level, it could suggest the Apple Watch Series 2 will sell double what Apple’s first-gen Apple Watch managed, with year one sales reported to total 12 million units.

This would be a great achievement for Apple, in line with the kind of boost the iPhone managed in its second-generation version way back in 2008. Looking at year-by-year iPhone numbers from 2007 to the present day, sales almost doubled each year from 2008 (the first full year the handsets were available) until 2012.

Previously we had heard that Apple not expecting a big sales bump for the Apple Watch Series 2, with one piece of evidence being that Apple chose to stick with Quanta Computer for production, rather than shifting manufacturing over to Foxconn, which builds the (much) higher volume iPhone.

Somewhere along the line, it seems that Apple got a whole lot more optimistic.

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Source: Digitimes