iPod a Steal in Australia



If you’re going down under, or know someone who is, have them pick up an iPod for you. The free fall of the Australian dollar has made it the cheapest place to buy one.

A survey of 62 countries found that an Apple iPod 8gb nano, measured in US dollars, cost $131.95 US dollars in Australia. That’s five percent cheaper than in Indonesia, where the same iPod would cost $138.47.

In Hong Kong, which used to top the cheap iPod scale, the same MP3 player now costs $148.36, almost exactly what it retails for in the US, $149.

Ok, so a “currency discount” of about 14% percent isn’t enough to warrant consumer electronics spending spree down under but it’s interesting to see how the iPod indicator/Big Mac idex on these prices fluctuates.


  • fellowcanuck

    Apple typically unloads discontinued products through their “refurbishment” program – that way they can sell overstock without having to create a “sale.”

    I just purchased a 3g 8 Gig Green iPod for $109 CND, which I believe is approximately $100 US. It arrived in three days, scratch free, and works beautifully.

    Apple is selling most 3g colours, so hurry and don’t miss out!

  • Smiddi

    “Measured in US dollars” – WTF?
    Measured as a percentage of the mean income of that country and Australia is way down the list. What a misleading story.

  • Gilles Roy

    Top ten reasons I (still) don’t own an mp3 player: